It’s been a heck of a ride since the old EatDrinkSmileVail was accidentally deleted to be lost forever, but as devastating as it was to begin with, I’m looking at it in a whole new light.  I’ve finally figured out how to get everything to look the way I always imagined it could be, and I’m so excited for the website to finally be done right!  It’s a DIY project for me. and I apologize for how long it’s taking me to finish my creation.  Each time I work on it, I learn something new!  It’s exciting to me, to be 10 years out of college (YIKES!!!) and still learning and still discovering.  Isn’t this what makes life fun?  Discovery?

The bones of the website are almost done, with the guts still to be filled in as I get the impulse to re-write everything.  I’m hoping to have this be a soft opening, if you will, through the winter, and to be fully launched in time for the summer.  Until then, check out my Insta (@eatdrinksmilevail) for photos around town and exciting happenings in the Vail Valley!

Merry belated Christmas everyone, and here’s to a super fun New Year!

All the love in the world,