Funny how optimistic I was about getting the whole website built out right as I was beginning the busiest part of my season…oh, Me.  You’re so positive!  If only it worked out to be the case, and I was able to put as much time to learning about this thing as  I wanted.  Alas, life gets in the way, and we had one of the busiest winters I can remember at the hotel.  And definitely one of the snowiest!  There was so much snow!  Snowstorms every other day it seemed, and they continued all the way to the Summer Solstice.

And now, I’m finally built out!  After having to remember everything I taught myself last year, the pages are all here!  They are all functioning!  And they all look nice!  Hooray!  *crosses fingers*

Now I just have to spend the next month or so filling in the blank pages with wonderful content, so this website can be everything I imagined it to be–a thorough, truthful, and informative guide to the amazing Vail Valley I get to call home.  Let’s just hope I can crank it out faster than a herd of turtles.  

I’ll keep working on this, I promise.  And until then, I’ll keep posting on the Insta (@eatdrinksmilevail).  It should be pretty mellow for me until Thanksgiving, when winter officially begins for me and I’ll be adding my application to Les Clefs D’or on top of the normal winter madness.  Let’s do this!

All the love in the world,