5 Things I'm Loving - January 2021

2020 was trying, wasn’t it?  Putting it lightly, am I right?!  

So much has happened since March when the world shut down, and I’ve been trying to keep up.  From my whole website being deleted, to rebuilding it from the ground up in a way I prefer it to be, to not actually liking it and starting now to re-edit as I learn more about building websites, to trying to find motivation to re-write everything which was written, it has definitely been a work in progress.  One which slowed down significantly once I was back to work in June at my resort.  Like most hotels, we were short staffed, on a skeleton crew, and working incredibly long hours as the world was learning more and more about covid-19.  In October, after the summer’s craziness, I was able to raft Cataract Canyon and rekindled my appreciation for Mother Nature and all her beauty.  I live in arguably one of the most gorgeous areas in the world, and have the insight to share it with you!  And this is how my little blog project was born, if you will.  No more focusing on what was lost, only what is in store.  There may be a few bumps along the way as I revamp and spruce, but as I go along I’ll be able to continue sharing what I love most about the Vail Valley.

1. Snowflake Earrings from Kimberly's Jewelers

I popped into Kimberly’s during my #ShopSmall series on Instagram (@eatdrinksmilevail) and fell in love–they’re so delicate, so unique, so dainty!  Queen Elsa be jealous… They were a wonderful Christmas gift from the cutest little Labrador, and I’m obsessed.  Supporting local businesses is not something we should just do on Instagram, it’s what we should do in practice.  It’s a win-win!

2. Half Baked Harvest

My sister received one of Tieghan’s cookbooks as a gift a couple of years ago, and every time she makes something out of it we all write little notes in the cookbook about the evening.  It’s become a sweet little tradition at her house, however it wasn’t until recently I became obsessed with Tieghan’s recipes as well.  Her instagram is so aesthetically pleasing, and after falling down the rabbit hole one day of her gorgeous food photos, I found a recipe for Thai Chicken meatballs and just had a CRAVING.  It was insane, y’all!  I made those meatballs, and they were so delicious, my tongue was doing flip flops.  I’ve made one of her recipes almost every week since then, and have made a recipe box on her website.  The best part is, she’s a Colorado girl!  Kindred spirits 🙂  If you haven’t heard of Half Baked Harvest, do yourself a favor and hop on over there for scrumptious recipes (seriously, I made the brown butter alfredo for Hubby for his birthday and he was blown away!).  She always has options for dietary restrictions and different ways of preparing the meal if you don’t have the same appliances she does.  Plus, being in the same state, our seasons line up and she always seems to have a recipe for what I’m craving!  If you’re in the Vail Valley, you can find her cookbooks at one of my favorite stores in The Riverwalk at Edwards so you can support two small businesses with one stone–pick up a book or two at The Bookworm!

Photo courtesy of Half Baked Harvest.

3. 52 Weeks of Giving

The season of giving doesn’t have to end with Christmas, and it’s something my aunt has taken to heart this year.  She has been searching her soul to find a way to be impactful, and has finally found her niche.  I’m so proud of her and her passion as she’s pouring herself into her new project, called 52 Weeks of Giving.  Each week, she is highlighting a small, deserving charitable foundation whom may not have the visibility of the big guys and will be giving to her featured charity the best way they need it.  She was inspired by a woman who volunteered with a different charity each week, but since this isn’t an option right now with covid-19 restrictions, Christine is working with each non-profit to fill a void they have.  It’s such a noble cause!  Doing good helps feed the soul.  

4. Krimson Klover

Another find while exploring for my #ShopSmall Series is Krimson Klover apparel.  Definitely did not expect to find chic women’s baselayers while at Kind Bikes & Skis at The Riverwalk in Edwards.  Bikes?  Yes.  Skis?  Yes.  Gearhead stuff?  Yes.  But chic clothing?  Definitely not!  And yet, there it was!  When I got home, I kept thinking about it, so I did what any good Millennial does and go online to find out everything and anything about it.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered it’s a women-owned, women-founded business from right here in Colorado?!  So exciting!  And their founder, Rhonda, is a total badass.   The brand itself is sustainable, responsible, supports women, AND is comfortable and stylish on top of all this! They source ethically.  They give back to their community and to non-profits.  ALL THE THINGS.  So much winning.  I love all of this, and I immediately created an account and had a little retail therapy.  So now when I ski I’m comfy, warm, and look so incredibly phenomenal.  I’m such a fan of all of this.

Photo courtesy of Krimson Klover.

5. Sherpa Chai

It’s been cold in the mornings.  So very, very cold.  Like, in the negative degrees Fahrenheit cold.  Mornings like this are difficult for Mountain Mermaids like me…it’s hard to get out of a nice cozy bed all snuggled up when there’s a minus sign in front of the number on the thermometer!  You know what helps?  Chai Tea.  It’s a hug in a mug.  A cuddle in a cup.  All those spices mixed together, so creamy and delightful…and up until recently I could never make it as good at home as I could get at the coffee shop.  But coffee shops are outside, and I can’t go outside when it’s -4.  So when I discovered Sherpa Chai at my local grocery store, I could hear the angel choir!  Sherpa Chai was founded by Pemba, a literal sherpa in Nepal who guided treks up some of the tallest peaks in Nepal, Africa, and Europe.  It is the recipe he drank as a child, served by his mother, who learned the recipe from her mother, who learned from her mother…and so forth, with all the best ingredients.  Pemba lives in Boulder, CO now so I’m proud to say this is another fabulous Colorado company!  Pemba is also an incredibly giving person, whom build a bridge for school children in his native village in Nepal and continues to give charitably not only to charities, but through his scholarship fund.  Drinking chai never made the heart feel so good!

Photo courtesy of Sherpa Chai.

These companies are wonderful, and I hope you check them out!  They haven’t reached out to me in any way for promoting them, nor am I being compensated for this post.  They are truly just amazing businesses I am completely loving right now, and want to share because the world needs a little more good right now.  Most especially, right now.

All the love in the world,


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